About Rajsee Ayurvedic Capsules

Rajsee Ayurvedic Capsules is 100% Ayurvedic Patented Medicine -More Effective with standardized extracts without any Side Effects. It Helps for Rejuvenating, Vigour & vitality, Anti Stress, loss of libido increase stamina & density of sperms.

Essential Instructions & Caution:

Dose Administration:
"Rajsee Capsule" is pure ayurvedic aphrodisiacs which is formulated not be provide symptomatic relief but to strengthen the selective nerves and vessel to hit at the root cause of ailment. It is meant to strengthen the system and correct the power flow in the organ. For Complete gain 2 Capsule in the morning & 2 in evening should be taken with milk or fruit juice in accordance with our expert doctors advice. The course should be continue for 6 to 8 week regularly. "Rajsee Capsule"is equally beneficial for young as well old males. In case of chronic problem the course should be continue for months without fail. It does not have any adverse effect on your body. Rajsee Capsule is free from any side effect.
We are confident that our unique harmless ayurvedic product "Rajsee Capsule" will come up to your expectations you shall be immensely benefitted from its use. Before starting the course of "Rajsee Capsule" you would certainly be wanting to know about the product. We respect your inquisitiveness and wish to satisfy you curiosity. All you have to do is to fill in the Performa given below and post back to us. In turn our expert doctor will contact you and guide you regarding dosage of the medicine and also length of the course depending on the severity of your ailment. We shall contact you by post or through telephone. This service is free of charge from the company.
We welcome your suggestion, if any, All correspondence regarding your ailment would be kept confident For free consultation please contact our expert doctors on 24 HRS helpline No. 0171-3055055
In case you have benefitted from the use of "Rajsee Capsule". We most earnest by look forward to a letter of appreciation from you end.
» Patients suffering from night fall, premature ejaculation and regular flow of semen through urine must avoid the consumption of ascitic acid, pickles, dried dates, Ghee Butter, meats, eggs & liqueur (Such patients should take the medicine with water or fruit juice) Other patients also must avoice excessive use of fried and acidic foods.
» "Rajsee Capsules" could be safely taken along with cough syrups, medicine for fever and headache etc. "Rajsee Capsules" is completely ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine work gradually but remove the root cause of the ailment and cure you completely.

Dosages & How to use:

Two Capsule twice a day with milk or Fruit Juice or as directed by the physician.

Each 500mg Capsule Contains Extracts of:

» Asparagus Racenosus: 150mg
» Minaral Pitch: 25mg
» Mucuna Prurita: 25mg
» Astercantha Logfolia: 25mg
» Tribulas terrestris: 250mg
» Withania Somnifera: 250mg

To be taken under medical supervision.